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The Kenya national Lacrosse camp for the men U19 team shall be held at St. Peter’s Mumias Boys high school from Sunday 16th to Saturday 23rd February 2020. This was revealed by the Patron Kenya Lacrosse Federation Mr. Cosmas Nabungolo in his office.

“This year’s Kenya national Lacrose camp for the men U19 shall be held here.” He said.

Addressing the press in his office, the School Lacrosse coach Mr. Reagan Ochan said that the players are very good and highly motivated.

“Lacrosse was initiated by the School Chief Principal Mr. Cosmas Nabungolo last year in the month of July and launched by the Kenya Lacrosse head coach Ms Storm Trentham from the UK and the 1st Lacrosse camp was held at this school in October 2019 from26th to 1st November in which a total of 72 players participated and 45 players were selected.” He said.

Mr Reagan also added that ST Peters Mumias is the center of excellence when it comes to sports as well as academics.

“St. Peter’s Mumias is a lacrosse center for excellence and is expected to produce more players for the Kenya U19 team.” He said.

He also cites that the training at St. Peters Mumias is regarded as one of the best citing world class coaches.

“This is the 1st Boys’ School to play Lacrosse in the country. The training at St. Peter’s Mumias Boys High School has been under two world class coaches: Ms.Storm Trentham from UK (National Kenya Lacrosse team coach), Mr. Ryan Wallace from USA and Mr. Patrick from Uganda. The school regular training has been under Mr. Rodgers Ochan and Simon Mutinda who have maintained a high-spirited cohesive training work.” He added.

    The world cup championships for Lacrosse 2020 will be held in July 2020 in Ireland. The Kenyan team will be traveling end of June to England for friendly and build up matches before they travel on 7th to Ireland for the world cup.

“This will be the 1st African U19 men’s team to participate in the world cup championships. The national coach Storm Trentham is hopeful that the Kenyan team will do very well in the championships.”  He said.

The trainees will undergo fitness, training and bonding activities. The coaches will be assessing discipline of players, fitness, attitude, and work ethics on and out of the pitch from Monday the 17th of February. A total of 45 participants selected from the 1st national camp are expected back into the 2nd national camp in which a final team of 23 players and 3 other non-traveling players for emergency shall be selected by the coaches. Ms. Storm Trentham has been very instrumental in developing Lacrosse at St. Peter’s Mumias by sourcing equipment used in the training of the sport.

“Mr. Tom McCabe the World Lacrosse ambassador to Africa visited this school to motivate the students and teachers in the world class sport. He was accompanied by Mr. T.J. Buchanan who is the director of Sport development at world lacrosse, a trainer of coaches and referees. The duo interacted with the players and had several training sessions as the players prepare for the world cup championships in Ireland, in July 2020.” He explained.

Kenya Lacrosse Federation (KLF) is registered with the Ministry of Sports and has been mandated by the government of Kenya to coordinate, organize and develop the world class sport Lacrosse in Kenya. The federation has a patron Mr. Cosmas Nabongolo.

The school administration is now well prepared and eager to host the mega event.


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