By Tony Wafula

Purity Mutsielo a form one student at St.Peters Mwiruti girl’s high school received school fees aid from area Mp Mwambu Mabongah.

Purity a student who was admitted without anything at St.Peter’s Mwiruti high school was sponsored by teachers with few personal effects.

Purity scored 382 marks in KCPE at St.Joseph’s Mukhuma primary school and was selected to join cardinal Otunga girls’ secondary school but her guardians were unable to afford fees

Addressing students and teachers on February 14, 2020 during the official opening of the twin laboratory, Mabongah said that he will ensure that the student gets the best education and join other successful candidates in the universities.

“I am going to pay the whole fees from one to form four for my daughter to continue with her learning here at Mwiruti girls,’’ He said.

Bumula MP Mwambu Mabongah during the opening of the twin lab at Mwiruti girls high school on February 14, 2020. Photo/ Tony Wafula

He added that his CDF management has identified all the needy students in the entire constituency and he will ensure that all students get at least a small contribution of the funds from the National government.

He assured members of the public that the security department is tight, adding that the OCS and the OCPD have been transferred and the new team deployed to make sure that the security improves.

“I am  proud because whenever I pass here at night I see the security team doing some patrol to make sure that n brutal killings and theft cases are reported.’’ He assured.

Speaking during the same function the humbled Purity Mutsielo assured parents and teachers that she will do well in her final exams.

‘’I come from a humble background but through what our able MP has done to me it’s a blessing and I am going to work on it so that I realize my potential.’’ She said.

Her sentiments were echoed by Mildred Opwora, chief principal Mwiruti girl’s high school who said that the school is targeting to take more candidates to university compared to last year.

She added that purity came to the school without anything but she was partially sponsored by my staff members who have made her stay in school up to this time, lauding the area MP for giving her the entire four years course fees.

She added that the school is having a problem in terms of infrastructure calling upon the area Mp to help the school build a dining hall.

“I plead to the well-wishers together with our able MP to intervene and help us build a multipurpose hall.’’ She said.


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