Story/Tony Wafula

Complimentary alternative medicine expert has come openly and assured that this alternative has no any harm to the body calling on the affected people to embrace it.

Speaking to on February 19, 2020 Eli Mwichuli of Nuga Best Bungoma branch said that the practice makes the person to smoothen the nerves and balance of the spine.

‘’If you embrace regular complimentary alternative medicine you will be in a position of carrying out hard task without any complication,” he said.

The herbalist advised that those carrying out hard tasks are in danger of their spinal cord being affected, adding that  if the spinal nerves are pressurized, there will be no communication from the brain to different body organs and cells resulting to pain and diseases in the body.

Mwichuli called upon people to embrace it saying that it makes the body fight against life style diseases and a better immune system is achieved.

The exercise helps in the fighting of diseases like diabetes which has become common among people.

He said that the government should purchase working machines with the tourmanium saying that the machine releases positive ions which affects the nerve system of the body.

‘’I call upon those who are in villages and are having the same problem to rise on their feet and visit any complimentary alternative medication for the betterment of health,” he said.


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