Sirisia Mp John Waluke has blamed Mt Elgon residents for cutting water pipes hence disadvantaging his voters.
Speaking in his constituency, Waluke said that majority of Mt Elgon residents were cutting water pipes taking water to Sirisia town and its environs hence denying them the essential commodity.
“Majority of them are disconnecting water pipes and connecting them for use in irrigating horticulture farms, we can’t allow it, that wasn’t the initial plan of the project,” he said.
The legislator lamented that Sirisia residents were experiencing dry taps as water has been blocked from reaching them.
“We cannot stomach this anymore, let Elgon residents allow water to flow freely so that we can also benefit from it, lack of clean water for drinking and domestic use can lead to the outbreak of water borne diseases,” said the law maker.
Waluke said that his efforts to engage Mt Elgon Mp Fred Kapondi to resolve the pending impasse has totally failed.

He blamed Cheptais residents of being a hindrance for them to receive clean water as a receipt of chaos.
“You can’t expect us to experience dry taps while you are using water meant for all of us for irrigation purposes, you should be considerate with your actions,” Waluke said.
He asked Mt Elgon leaders and water firm leadership to resolve the issue before it goes out of hand.
“Let those diverting water for their personal ventures be arrested and arraigned in court, water is meant for domestic use not for agriculture purposes, action should also be taken to people cutting pipes to disadvantage other regions,” he stated.


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