Kimilili Mp Hon.Didmus Barasa has  rescued a boy from the streets of Kitale.
He has pledged to educate him up to the highest level possible.
Master Isaac Wanjala (16) is the talented street boy captured on the video doing rounds on social media airing news in Bukusu language.

Speaking in Kitale town on March 21 after rescuing him, the legislator said that he wants the boy to pursue his talent in broadcasting after showing signs if doing good if well trained.
“I love what the boy did, I wouldn’t wish to see such talent go to waste, that’s why I have chosen to rescue and educate him,” he said.
Wanjala dropped out of school in class six at an academy in Kitale town following the domestic wrangles which saw his parents separate.
He joined the street life in January 2020.
The boy comes from Folkland estate in Kitale.
The law maker today traced the street boy all the way to Kitale town where he fulfilled his Sh20,000 pledge to the person who was with him.
Barasa also pledged to rent a house for Wanjala’s mother in Kimilili town (She currently stays in Bukembe market).
Barasa will also get her capital to start any business so that she can stay with her son as he resumes his education.

“This boy must go back to school, education is the only equal opportunity that unites the rich and poor, I will ensure that he stays in school,” he said.
The boy applauded the Mp for his kind gesture in ensuring that his life changes completely.

“I will work hard and make sure that I succeed in life, there no other equalizer in life other than education,” said Wanjala. 


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