‘’Let’s suffer for this short period of time and follow the governments directives keenly rather than ignoring them and suffer more in future,” Hassan said.

Story/Tony Wafula.

Tension has gripped Bungoma town after small scale traders were ordered to vacate the popular Chebukube market.

The market caters for over 7,000 small scale traders participating in different businesses for daily upkeep.

The traders were restrained from carrying out their daily activities with fear of spreading the covid-19 disease.

The county has reported three suspected cases  of victims with the covid-19 virus like and are quarantined at Webuye sub county hospital for medical intervention.

Abdi Hassan Bungoma county commissioner has said that the security team is on the watch out to make sure that no crowding and no business will continue in town until the government gives directives.

He called on Bishops who jetted in the country from a broad to self quarantine themselves and not to mingle with others.

He added that the expansive Chebukube market will be closed for the next 30 days to reduce overcrowding on the market day with fear of spreading the covid-19 pandemic.

‘’Let’s suffer for this short period of time and follow the governments directives keenly rather than ignoring them and suffer more in future,” Hassan said.

Ruth wanjiru a trader at Moi D.E.B primary school street market says that the tough directives deployed by the government will affect small business people especially those selling perishable goods.

‘’I have four bags of Irish potatoes and one bag of Sukuma wiki which I had taken on loan and I have not sold even a quarter of it, I plead to the government to allow us follow the health directives so that we can sell our goods because they are perishable,” She lamented.

She accused the county government for neglecting bettering their life as pledged during campaign season saying that they always work in a terrible environment.

She called on governor Wycliffe Wangamati to intervene and help them access a better working place.

‘’We normally work in a poor environment, since governor Wangamati took power, he has never come back to see ‘Mama mbogas’ and other small business people who are paying high taxes,” she pleaded.

She also called on the police officers who were assigned to order business people to vacate the market to avoid harassing innocent traders rather use a simple language.

She accused the county ministry of health for the delay in distributing sanitizers and washing taps to the market places.

‘’We always pay high taxes but county government has failed to distribute sanitizers to our markets to help in curbing the spread of the virus.’’ She said.

She urged the government of Kenya to help in providing them with daily basic needs if they will be forced to lock down their businesses and stay indoors.

‘’If the presidents announcements  will be effective that we stay indoor then the government should provide as with at least Sh1,000 daily to cater for us and our kids who are at home.’’ Wanjiru pleaded.


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