Bishop Ndeda observed that God is not happy and asked everyone to turn to him and seek for his forgiveness.

A renowned Nairobi clergy has pleaded with the government to open the churches and allow them back to the alter to seek forgiveness from God.
Bishop Hudson Ndeda of Bethel Christian Pentecostal Church says that closing churches was not a well thought idea.

“Please allow us back to the Alter, we need to seek for forgiveness from God, this Coronavirus disease would have disappeared long time ago if the men of the cloth would have been allowed back to their churches to pray,” he said.
He added, “Closing the Alter of God is an abomination that Kenya was not supposed to copy because Kenya is a praying nation,”
In a press release, Bishop Ndeda states that the Alter of God is very important and has power that the country is missing now.
“We have locked God out of our country and indeed in the world, for this reason we can try everything that we can do and still remain in this situation but let the government open the Churches and allow back the men of the cloth the Alter,” he observed.
Ndeda also warned people mocking the Church on social media platforms to stop it adding that God cannot be mocked.
He appealed to the government to open the Alter and let the servants of God pray and the prayers will be heard.
“God wants us to turn back to him, there is a lot of ongoing ungodliness in the entire World and Kenya has not been spared, we are experiencing gaysm, lesbianism, idol worship and so forth, the Church is under attack, the love of money, devil worship and many more has found its place in our country,” said the Clergy.

He observed that God is not happy and asked everyone to turn to him and seek for his forgiveness.
He affirmed that the only solution to COVID-19 pandemic is with God.
“Kenya and the world at large has never witnessed or experienced a situation like the one, it can only be compared to the plagues that God used on Pharaoh when He was  delivering the children of Israel from bondage and the slavery of the Egyptians, a pandemic that has claimed many lives across the world in a short time despite the spirited efforts by governments to counter it,” said Ndeda.
He observed that all human beings know that Doctors treat but it is only God who can heal, it is undeniable fact.
“l urge all Kenyans to adhere to the guidelines put in place through the ministry of Health which includes thorough washing of our hands with enough running water and soap, use of sanitizer, keeping social distance, use of masks,night curfew and travel ban put in place by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta but above all Pray,” he appealed.
Bishop Ndeda also asked well wishers, the privileged, companies, Ngo’s and the rich in the country to remember the poor and needy in the society and share with them food through donations,sanitizers and soaps to help during this time to stop deaths.
He stated that it was sad that the Church has been classified together with clubs and others and such, he appealed to the government to reconsider the decision to close Churches.
“When a calamity hit a country or people, it it is actually time to pray, people always run to God in such times, while it is okay for people to pray from their houses, it is important to understand that even when corona virus had not  hit us we used to pray from the house and go to Church as well,” said Ndeda.
He added, “l thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for the efforts he is putting in place to combat the deadly virus, however the money that he ordered to be given to musicians would have been put to a better use,”.
He noted that Kenyans are beginning to starve of food and many may begin to die from hunger.
“How l wish the President would have directed the money to that effect to go to Kenyans so that they are cushioned from the danger of hunger,” he stated.
He called on the head of State to issue a directive to the landlords to suspend rent for three months or reduce it by a half as this will go along way to protect Kenyans.
“Already some land lords are harassing tenants, l urge them to be humane enough and understand the situation the country is facing now,” said Ndeda.


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