Masibayi stated that they need the funds in rerouting of damaged pipes around Kitale flyover and replacing of old machines with the new ones to enable faster pumping of water.

Nzoia Water and Sewerage Company has asked the Trans Nzoia county government to assist them with Sh7 million to help in rerouting of damaged pipes along the Kitale flyover and fix water challenges in town and its environs.
The board and management of Nzowasco which serves both Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties says shortage of water is as a result of vandalism of pipes.
Board Chairperson Madam Rebecca Nafula Masibayi said that the funds if extended to the firm they will be able to do pumping and reduce leakages which has forced them to ration water in different estates.

During a fact finding mission in Kitale town on April  15, Masibayi called on Trans Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba to consider allocating some funds to the ministry of water that can also benefit Nzowasco.
“We are currently rationing water across different estates in Kitale town, those estates receive water on diverse dates, this is due to our low pumping system, vandalism and sometimes lack of electricity,” she said.
Masibayi stated that there are some repairs needed to replace old machines with the new ones to enable faster pumping of water.
“Water gravity is dependent on power supply and pressure on water pumping system to reach more households, maintenance of machines and distilling of sand is also costly,” she observed.

Nzowasco Managing Director Mathew Maruti said that they are planning to replace a contractor who abandoned the site at the Southern grounds in Milimani estate, Kitale town and replace him with a competent one.
“If we complete construction of these two water reservoirs and fix electricity then we will be able to pump enough water to estates continuously without rationing,” he said.
He added, “We need enough water for our customers to enable them fight COVID-19 that is wrecking havoc worldwide,”.
Maruti pointed out that they need pumps costing about Sh4 million to enable them pump water to estates like Milimani up to Kiungani.
“We as a company are experiencing vandalism of our pumps in Kibolet and this is a great challenge to us in offering our services, let those people vandalizing our pipes stop it before they are caught with the law,” he warned.

Nzowasco board director Furaha Lusweti stated that if they can get enough funds they will be able to reroute the piping along Barclays and Shimo la Tewa estates so that their customers can access water continuously.
Mike Kimani, the regional technical manager said that due to low pumping pressure from their systems they ration water to be able to reach all their customers.
“We need financial assistance from the county government of Trans Nzoia to be able to service our machines and offer good services, meanwhile we are still rationing water in our estates to cater for all of them,” he said.
Kimani said that they are offering services in Upper Milimani on Saturday to Monday while water is available in Lower Milimani, West Milimani and Shimo la Tewa regions from Tuesday to Friday for six hours from 10am.


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