Ford Kenya party leadership has disputed Bungoma county assembly changes and stated that it does not recognize the new leadership.

The party’s national secretary Dr.Eseli Simiyu said that the party doesn’t recognize the impeachment of its majority leader Florence Wekesa who was replaced by Joseph Juma Nyongesa of Tuuti/Marakaru ward. 

Mrs Wekesa who is the Maeni ward MCA was toppled by her colleagues in what they termed as going to bed with the executive.

Dr.Eseli who is also the Tongaren Mp said that the changes didn’t involve the party leadership.

“Am just reading the leadership changes in the assembly on social media and hearing them on radio, it didn’t involve the party leadership and therefore it is null and void, we don’t want the assembly wrangles to affect our governor Wycliffe Wangamati’s work,” said Simiyu 

Addressing the press in Webuye town on May 20, Simiyu accused those purpotedly elected leaders for undermining and disrespecting their party leaders.

“Those people are respecting the party decisions and they aren’t even paying the monthly subscription yet they are minding their own business,” he said

He claimed that the MCAs should play their roles very well instead of being pushed by their selfish interests.

However, the MCAs asked Dr.Simiyu to keep off county assembly issues and concentrate on his national assembly duties.

Led by Khalaba ward MCA Okumu Majimbo, Kimaeti MCA Jack Wambulwa and Lwandanyi MCA Tony Barasa they asked Eseli to mind his own business and stop undermining their work.

“We are not dictated by party leadership on what we do, our standing orders are very clear, we can carry on with the changes whenever we aren’t satisfied with the house leadership, Eseli should concentrate on his job,” said Majimbo

He said that it was a Nasa coalition issue and not a Ford Kenya matter that Ford Kenya can dictate.

Wambulwa asked Dr.Simiyu to stop interfering with the county assembly matters and instead work on how to strengthen the party.

“We don’t need to ask anyone or any party to sanction changes in the assembly and Eseli is speaking because he’s working as a contractor With the said government,” said Wambulwa.
He said that MCA’s are life members and they don’t need to pay monthly subscription.
The duo said that the former leadership had failed the assembly and the people of Bungoma at large.

Lwandanyi MCA strongly opposed to Dr.Simiyu’s sentiments and asked him to concentrate on party and national matters instead of purporting to speak on behalf of the assembly members.

“When a coalition makes changes Eseli can’t stop us, he is doing business with the county government and we are ready to name his companies, his sentiments are dead on arrival,” said Barasa.

During May 14 changes, Tongaren MCA Elizabeth Tindi was elected as the Deputy Majority Leader while Mukuyuni Ward MCA Meshack Simiyu alias Museveni was elected the majority Chief Whip to replace Malakisi/South Kulisiru ward MCA Everlyne Mutyembu.

Bungoma township ward MCA Joseph Maguda (ODM) replaced nominated Ford Kenya MCA Luke Opwora as the Deputy Majority Chief Whip.


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