By Isaac Wanyonyi

Hundreds of traders and families  affected by Covid-19 pandemic flocked Webuye DEB primary school for food donations offered by a businessman.

At least 300 families and traders benefited from the food donation from business magnet Stephen Kaiser.
Through his foundation, Mr Kaiser said the donation was meant to cushion small scale traders and families affected by the global pandemic.
“As the government tries to address the effects of the pandemic, citizens of goodwill are also challenged to rise up to the occasion to complement its efforts,” said Isaac Wanjekeche, the Foundation Coordinator.

Mr Wanjekeche asked politicians to shun politicking the initiative for the better good of the general public affected by the pandemic.
“Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures, this measures are geared towards helping them during this difficult times,” said Wanjekeche.

The exercise was supervised by Webuye township Chief Barasa Misiko who applauded the efforts by the businessman and urged other well wishers to follow suit.
“This is the best way to serve the community, Kaiser has played his part, let other well wishers come in and helped flood victims in the area,”  he said.


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