Police in Bungoma town are investigating an incident where a section of MCAs have been threatened with dire consequences for supporting leadership changes in the assembly.
A section of MCAs are in trouble after a county official issued death threats to them.

They claim that the top county official threatened them after they supported the changes despite the fact the executive was against it.
The ward leaders revealed that they were verbally threatened for kicking out assembly leadership that had the executive blessing and replacing them with their enemies.
The new majority leader Joseph Nyongesa said that the affected MCAs had already recorded statements at Bungoma police station.
He demanded that the police speeds up their investigations and arrest the said official.
“A section of us including a nominated MCA Luke Opwora have received death threats and am assuring local residents that we will not relent in carrying out our oversight roles,” he said.

The Tuuti/Marakaru ward MCA observed that the changes in the assembly leadership were normal and there was no need for the executive to panic.
“We are even wondering with the deputy County secretary who has lots of issues that the assembly needs to intervene yet he is the one claiming that one MCA must be killed,” he said.
Nyongesa said that death threats on any leader is uncalled for. 
The changes we made are normal and are not meant to see anyone die so we want the executive to take it has a normal issue.
“We are meant to believe the executive have been doing things contrary to the law and hence the reason they have panicked,” he said.

Nyongesa also lashed at Wangamati for rushing to the court to stop the changes at the assembly saying that  the issue has raised eye brows.
“We have noted that Wangamati has been using the  courts to enrich himself and this time round we are going to review the legal fee in the budget” said  Nyongesa. 
He asked residents to have faith in the assembly and support them in keeping Wangamati’s government on check
Nyongesa also laughed off remarks by Wangamati’s executive that they might consider dissolving the county on claims of being sabotaged saying that the thoughts are a wishful thinking. 
Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi said that the executive should not waste public resources by going to court to stop the changes that have already happened. 
Wanyonyi an independent MCA said that  the assembly will not go back after the changes were unanimously done by the majority nasa coalition.
“Those who think that they will manipulate the county assembly by going to court and issuing my colleagues with death threats will be in for a rude shock” he warned 
He added “We are ready to work with the executive as long as they do things in the right manner”, he said 
He asked Wangamati to work with the new leaders in transforming lives of more than one million bungoma residents who are expecting to deliver before his tenure elapses. 

Wanyonyi added that he was ready to die in ensuring bungoma electorates get the best services without being frastrated
“We know many people have died in the past while fighting for reforms and changes in various sectors and we shall not be the first nor last” he added. 
He said that some of the county leaders who are threatening MCA’s were not vetted while being employed and there academic credentials are also questionable
Opwora who represents youths under Ford Kenya party recorded a statement at the Bungoma police station under  OB no 36/22/05/2020. 
The MCAs asked local county commissioner Abdi Hassan to provide him with 24hr security saying his life and that of his family.
“I have not been sleeping after the county official well known to me threatened me with sms and phone calls and I need proper security,” he said. 
This comes as a high court gave a concervetory orders on Thursday allowing the old office bearers back in office.


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