A Tanga Tanga allied Member of Parliament has come out strongly and assured Kenyans that the Deputy President William Ruto will be the President in 2022.

Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa said that Ruto and his supporters are prayerful people and the prayers will propel him to presidency.
Speaking in Bahai village, Kimilili Ward on May 25 while constructing houses for flood victims, the legislator stated that despite being targeted and fought by forces opposed to his leadership skills, Ruto will still emerge the winner.

“Even Jesus Christ was betrayed by his closest disciples, Ruto is also going through the same but still Jesus triumphied and defeated the death, Ruto will overcome this storm and become the President in 2022,” he said.
The law maker called on President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to support Ruto’s Presidency instead of fighting him to deny him that chance.

“Even if they target his people for removal from key Senate and national Parliament positions, we won’t be cowed nor be intimidated because we believe, a tree with fruits is always targeted,” he said.
He said that they are ready for any outcome even if it means being kicked out of parliamentary committees for supporting Ruto.

The legislator observed that many Kenyans are seeing the Intimidation Ruto and his allied Mp’s are going through and they will give him sympathy votes based on the Intimidation and threats they are passing through.
“Let the so called system stop threatening and Intimidating Ruto, he has risen from a poverty hit family to where he is now and it is God who will determine his destination not human beings,” said Barasa.
The first time Jubilee Mp pointed out that Ruto supported both Uhuru and Raila, fought their fights and sucrificed for them but they are betraying him at an eleventh hour but the living God is seeing all these troubles and persecution Ruto is going through.
“They are thinking that the hole they are sinking will be used to sink Ruto in it but they will be shocked that they will sink in it themselves, never plan evil to a man of God,” he said.
He condemned the planned changes on the constitution through Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) adding that it has got an ill intention.
“Let me tell the government of Kenya that when they plan to change the law to suit their interests, let they remember that the same law will affect their children in future because they won’t be leaders forever,” he said.

Barasa called on people who have been given the responsibility of enacting the law that they should have the interest of Kenyans at heart not just to make happy a few individuals.
“Let the changes in the law not just target certain individuals, no one will live for more than 150 years, let the changes target the country’s posterity, let us who support Ruto not be threatened or indimidated by the so called the system to change tune,” he said


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