Many will call me a tribalist or feminists will call me names but I don’t care.


The Kajiado Francis Atwoli’s meeting on May 29 has left so many questions than answers, was it a Mulembe Community meeting or a scheme to split the region?. 

If it was a  community meeting, for Busia county one Mrs Florence Mutua was picked as the Busia spokesperson.  
The question then is, since when did a married woman from another community represent the Busia Luhya community, Ojaamong represented the Iteso. 
Does it mean Luhya Busia does not have  sons to be spokespersons ? We have our Sons Oyula, Mudenyo, Wanjala, Bunyasi, Odanga ,Wako  you mean they cant qualify to be our spokespersons and for those who attended did they just sit down and endorsed this?

Many will call me a tribalist or feminists will call me names but I don’t care.
During the invites Busia was restricted to elected leaders, others counties like Kakamega they invited the likes of Jirongo and others, the reason no one knows .
So Busia we have been reduced to this , where did our elders go? Where is Amos Wako, Moody Awori ,Philip Masinde, Chris Okemo, Denis Afande, mzee Masakhalia, council of elders, you subscribe to this?

With such nonsense when you wake up my late dad Mzee Peter Joseph Mondoh who played politics and contributed to the gains of my county to come and witness this,he can quickly disappear back to the grave.
You talk of Luhya Unity and you sideline Moses Wetang’ula and Musalia Mudavadi and you stupidly give a lame excuse that they are not part of handshake, was it a Luhya unity meeting or handshake lunch. 
Which criteria was used to have the duo as Luhya kingpin? 

From my political perspective and analysis, this so called the Kajiado resolutions will fail terribly,  we are watching. Community leadership is earned gradually not just waking up with lunchtime and rhumba declarations.

We the Luhyas say, Amoya keingokho nyanga kaliyala.
Luhyas we are the best enemies of ourselves. 

Any body endorsed by Atwoli always fails politically.

John Mondoh, Media Consultant 


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