68 other people received State commendations and were awarded for their exemplary services to the country.

A Bungoma boy who innovated a woodena handwashing machine to fight corona has received been a warded Uzalendo award.
President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded Uzalendo award to Stephen Wamukota from Mukwa village in Bumula Constituency.

68 other people received State commendations and were awarded for their exemplary services to the country.
The Nine year’s class three boy at Mukwa primary school innoveted the hand washing machine in late April which helps the user to control it using his or her legs.
“When the government announced the outbreak of the deadly global pandemic COVID-19 I saw many people using plastic containers which was being used by masses in shopping centres, this annoyed me because it could spread it farther,” he said.
Wamukota added, “I therefore came up with an idea which was also taken up by carpenter father and we developed the hand washing machine that is easier and comfortable to use hence helps in fighting coronovirus,”.

The younger Wamukota was elated after receiving news that his innovation had received the State accolades hence the award.
He is among other influential people that were awarded in this year’s Madaraka day held at State House due to Covid-19.
His father James Wamukota and the mother Mercy Nasimiyu lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for recognizing their sons efforts in innovation.
“We are very happy, we never knew that one day our son or the family name will be gazzeted for the efforts in fighting COVID-19, we will encourage our son to carry on innovating other machines that will be helpful to the society,” they said.

Siboti Ward MCA Simiyu Wamusai asked the government and well wishes to support the talented young boy so that he can realize potential in future.
“In most cases such talents are nipped in the bud but I ask the national and county governments to support this boy so that he can show case his talent in future, he will be useful to this country,” Wamusai said.
The ward leader added, “We wish not to see fraudsters using this boys efforts to enrich themselves, the boy must be supported both financially and morally to ensure that he succeeds in future,”.


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