Wamalwa stated that they had held a fruitful meeting with the elders and religious leaders among other opinion leaders and asked them to support the process that is meant to heal the country

Devolution cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa and council of Governor’s Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya on Thursday kick started the Building Bridges Initiative process in Western Kenya by holding a series of meetings in Bungoma town.

This is after the consultation between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The duo said that the meeting with the Luhya Elders forum, Bukusu council of elders group and religious leaders was meant to strengthen the mutual working relationship among tribes residing in Western region.

Wamalwa stated that they had held a fruitful meeting with the elders and religious leaders among other opinion leaders and asked them to support the process that is meant to heal the country.

“I and my brother Oparanya have been picked to lead the BBI process in Western region and as such we are engaging different stakeholders and ensuring that we all support the initiative, we want our people to unite and speak in one voice,” said Wamalwa.

Addressing the press at St.Crispins ACK Church on June 4, Wamalwa said that the clashes among worrying tribes and clans in Rift Valley and Western regions will be stopped by supporting BBI which roots for peaceful coexistence.

“BBI is a nice document, it will bring all Kenyans together and ensure that all the development initiatives are felt at the grass root level,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by the Kakamega governor who observed that after going through the document he will sensitize locals to support and pass it as it has got nice things that will help them in future.

“We want to be in government, we are tired of being in opposition, BBI is the only sure bet that will catapult us into the government, let’s support it,” said Oparanya.

He noted that BBI will unite all people in the country and as such it will increase peace and coexistence hence development will be realized in Western region.

Busia governor Sospeter Ojamoong, Trans Nzoia senator Michael Mbito and former West lands Mp Fred Gumo asked Western region residents to support the initiative and back it fully.

They said that BBI will reduce tribal animosity and create mutual working relationships hence making tribal clashes a thing of the past.

“We can’t expect to do the same thing and expect changes, changes only happen after a radical thinking, BBI will lead us into the Promised Land and that is why we support it fully,” said Ojamoong.

Mbito stated that they are expected to meet Sabaot Council of Elders in Kitale town Trans Nzoia County so that they can also support the initiative.

Religious leaders were represented by Bungoma County ACK Bishop George Mechumo who noted that as the clergies they will also support an initiative which preaches peace and unity.

“The meeting has been fruitful, if the implementers will also capture our opinions and actualize them then we support BBI fully provided we experience peace and unity which will lead to development in our region, as Church leaders we fully support the government of the day,” said Mechumo.

The Bukusu Council of Elders Chairman Richard Walukano and Luhya Council of Elders forum Chairman Patrick Wangamati stated that they support the intiative which binds the Luhya community together.

“Our role is to unite all people and make sure that we foster development in our region, we can only attain it through building consensus with the government and we will support the BBI process and ensure that it succeeds,” said Walukano.

On his part Mzee Wangamati observed that from the outlook BBI seems realistic and it will unite and the Luhya community and create a mutual working relationship and proper coexistence.


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