The outspoken COTU leader has been holding several meetings with a section of Luhya politicians at his Kajiado residence

Western politics have been culminating day in day out. With the clock ticking, the region is yet to settle on one political kingpin who will lead them in the 2022 race to state house.

Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi is undoubtedly one of the political dynasties of the Mulembe nation.

Having been beaten to the core in the 2013 polls, he is yet to realign himself. With the National Super Alliance taking its final breath and ANC secretary general Godfrey Osotsi demanding for Musalia’s removal, the political equation for Musalia becomes much complicated to be solved.

He is indeed between a rock and a hard place. With all of the NASA an affiliate having signed coalition pacts with the ruling coalition, Musalia is left in political innuendo.

He can both take in a long breath and decide to dance to the same tunes as the other NASA principals. That will mean that his presidential ambitions will melt in the air.

In this case he will have to repelish loyalty to president Uhuru Kenyatta as he waits what will transpire in 2022. Whatever political direction that Musalia is going to take will have a huge impact to a hoard of his supporters.

Political analyst Herman Manyora has opined that Musalia is too weak to win a presidential election on his own but can make it if he plays his cards well.

The former vice president and deputy prime minster can also switch gears and declare support for DP Ruto in the countdown to the 2022 political succession.

This is a decision that will also mean that his presidential aspirations will be blown off. A political courtship with DP Ruto will mean that the ANC leader reads from the same script with the DP who has made it clear to be on the 2011 presidential ballot.

He can opt to listen to other leaders in the western region who have kept criticizing him for political flimsy in this case COTU leader Francis Atwoli, Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya, devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa among others, it must be underlined that Atwoli has frequently attacked Mudavadi for what he alleges as political incompetency.

The outspoken COTU leader has been holding several meetings with a section of Luhya politicians at his Kajiado residence.

The agenda of the meeting has been termed by Atwoli allies as bringing the Luhya votes in one basket.

However, Mudavadi and Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula have formed another wing that is opposed to Atwoli’s ideology.

That clearly indicates how the Mulembe votes are hanging in the sky and belong to anybody.

The last option Mudavadi can lean on is to stand on his own and move up to the 2022 presidential ballot without sacrificing his presidential ambitions for anybody.

So, the ball is in Musalia Mudavadi’s court. Whichever decision he is going to take; only time will tell whether he will smartly solve the political matrix lying next to him.


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