You can channel your contributions to Madam Roselyne Waluke of Mobile Number 0728732542

The wife of the embattled Sirisia Mp John Waluke who is serving seven years jail term has requested Kenyans to help her financially.

Madam Rosyline Waluke has called on Kenyans to help her contribute over Sh1 billion to enable her husband be released from prison.
Waluke together with his accomplice a business woman Grace Wakhungu were jailed on Thursday or alternatively each to pay Sh1 billion.

On Saturday through a recorded voice that has finally been shared on social medium forums, Mrs.Waluke is heard requesting Kenyans to assist her financially so that she is able to settle the fine and get her husband out.
“Dear friends, well wishers and Kenyans of good will of Hon Waluke, we come to you at this time of need asking that you may stand with him at this difficult time, channel anything small to my safaricom as we are working on getting the pay bill number,” she pleaded.

She added, “Let us stand with our Son by sacrificing anything little we can afford, however small you get as we wait for the pay bill,”.
You can channel your contributions to Madam Roselyne Waluke Mobile Number: 0728732542
On June 26, residents demonstrated in Sirisia town asking the government to reduce the the huge fine imposed on the law maker and a businesswoman Grace Wakhungu.
The court on Thursday jailed Waluke and Ms Wakhungu to 7 years jail term or they pay the accumulated fine of over Sh2 billion.

The duo had been accused of receiving Sh297 million from NCPB in 2004 and supplying air.
Waluke’s lawyers led by Danstan Omar have vowed to appeal the ruling terming it harsh on his client.


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