Bishop Calistus Barasa,the chairman of Bungoma County Interreligious Council of Kenya said that the stalemate among the leaders in the county was slowing down development agenda.

Religious leaders in Bungoma County have asked area governor Wycliffe Wangamati to stop his spirited efforts to dissolve the county government.

Addressing the press, clerics claimed that the planned dissolution of the county government as a result of unresolved difference between the executive and the county assembly is not in the interest of the voter.

Christ the King presiding Padre Fr.Christopher Wanyonyi said that the governor and MCAs were elected to help initiate development projects in the county but not fighting each other.

“We are not interested in their infighting and supremacy wars, what we need is good roads, equipped medical facilities, good schools and and enough water but the dissolution of the county government is not for our interest,” said Wanyonyi.

The Cleric added, “It is very much demeaning to see the infighting among our leaders, we are not interested in the dissolution, we are ready to arbitrate and ensure that the county government proceeds with its planned development agendas,”.

Bishop Calistus Barasa the chairman of Bungoma County Interreligious Council of Kenya said that the stalemate among the leaders in the county is slowing down development.

“The wrangles between the executive and the county assembly elected leadership has also stalled development and derailed in fighting the global pandemic Coronavirus,” he said.

Bishop George Mechumo of ACK cautioned MCAs and those who responsible for the wrangles in the county that they should exercise maximum caution in arriving at certain decisions which are not favourable to the development of the county.

“We want to see what they promised the electorates in 2017 and as Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi said that they wanted to reclaim the lost glory of Bungoma but if the wrangles is the way foward then they do not have an agenda that will help the common Mwananchi,” he said.

Bungoma County executive has been embroiled in the leadership wrangles with the assembly with no arm is ready to listen to each other so that it can agree and move on.

Last week, two CECs were impeached by the assembly for what was alleged as corruption that is derailing development.

Health CEC Dr.Antony Walela and his Public Administration Counterpart Richard Sabwami were impeached and as plans were on top to impeach the Agriculture CEC Mathews Chirasha, he rushed and obtained a court order that stopped the process pending hearing and its determination.

Already Bungoma county government has initiated the process of collecting signatures to ensure that it is dissolved so that both the governor and the assembly members seek fresh mandate from voters in a pending by election.

Barasa who is also the presiding bishop of Tabernacle Praise International said that Church leaders are much willing to arbitrate once the executive shows interest in solving the issue amicably.

Wangamati said that the irreconcilible difference between the executive and the assembly members is the main cause derailing Development and he wants all of them to be elected afresh after the dissolution.

The executive is embroiled in the infighting over leadership wrangles and the alleged graft rocking the county government.

The collected signatures will be taken to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for verification before the report is handed to the head of state who will in turn form the task to look into the presented issues if they meet dissolution threshold or not.


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