“The coup was dead on arrival and indeed you can see it’s dead, let them now continue abusing us online but the party is strong now,” said Wetang’ula

Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula has hit at Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati and a section of Mps whom he has accused of failing voters through unnecessary politics.

Addressing the press at his Namuyemba village home in Bungoma town after meeting MCAs from Busia county on Sunday July 12, Wetang’ula  stated that politicking at the expense of voters is wrong and details development.
He said that some of the Ford Kenya coup plotters are not serving voters anymore but they are busy popularising the party they haven’t taken.
The Bungoma senator observed that it seems some people are tired of being governor’s while are others are nolonger interested being in Parliament and that is why they are fighting to be party owners but in vain.

“You can’t be a governor who is escorted by three trucks of police men to see people who elected you, that means that there is something and truly their days are numbered,” said Wetang’ula.
He stated that Ford Kenya party is strong and very vibrant than before.
“The coup was dead on arrival and indeed you can see it’s dead, let them now continue abusing us online but the party is strong now,” said the law maker.
Wetang’ula pointed out that the coup plotters used the wrongIt trajectory and that is why they failed in their evil plans.
The legislator pointed out that they needed a unity of purpose in Western Kenya and the country at large at the moment.

“Let us work in bringing our people together and chat our unity, the infighting will cost us the presidency in 2022,” he said.
He observed that Busia county is a gate way to other trading partners like Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Congo yet the grid lock was causing delays.
“We need seamless flow of traffic to those other countries through Busia and Malaba, the long grid lock of trucks being witnessed is causing losses and embarrassing us as a country,” he said.
He noted that Coronavirus pandemic was causing panic and the government should continue helping Kenyans through giving them protective assistance.
His sentiments were echoed by Ford Kenya Secretary General Chris Wamalwa and Kwanza Mp Ferdinand Wanyonyi called for unity of purpose among the voters of Western region.
“Mulembe leaders will remain United and won’t support generic leaders who are supporting the interests of outsiders,” said Wamalwa.

Wanyonyi asked Western voters to support the leadership of Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetang’ula because they have the ability to change their fortunes.
Busia MCAs Fred Bosco Musirimba (Bunyala) Gardy Jakaa (Walatsi/North Bukhayo) and Patrobas Odhiambo (Elugulu) said that they support Wetang’ula and Mudavadi and they will unite all people to speak in one voice as the Luhya community.


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