Wamboka said that the only sure way to fight Covid-19 is by the State delivering sanitary items to rural churches that have been hard hit with poverty

A Bumula politician Jack Wamboka has called on government to help churches that have reopened acquire thermo guns and other equipment’s required to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking in Kabula where he donated 100 thermo guns ,face masks and detergents to different groups,  Wamboka said it was important that the government steps in because most churches especially in the rural areas could not afford equipment like thermo guns.

“We are cognizant to the fact that not all the churches will afford or adhere to  the government guidelines due to financial constraints  and we are calling upon the government to step in an help ,”said Wamboka.

Wamboka said mandatory equipment like thermo guns were very expensive to some churches and the government should provide the same to all registered churches .

The Bumula parliamentary aspirant also called on the county government to ensure that they help the churches in the fumigation exercise regularly to avoid the spread of the covid pandemic.

Wamboka also said  the directive that people above 58 years and  children below 13 years should not attend church should be reviewed saying the churches can adopt different days for these groups.

“The churches can invent ways like having those in the said age bracket attend church separately on different days of the week and not necessarily Sunday,” said Wamboka .

Wamboka called on the residents to take government precautions seriously saying that it was unfortunate that despite the disease claiming lives  some people were still thinking it was a myth.

“It is unfortunate that some people were still living the normal lives and absolutely ignoring the government directives,” he said .

He pointed out that rural areas dwellers were in the fore front of ignoring the government directives and should be sensitized.


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