Wambilianga revealed that this is the highest number of teenage girls so far in Bungoma county and men are preying on such girls based on their ignorance and the family poverty levels.

Bungoma county woman representative Catherine Wambilianga has revealed that 6,000 teenage girls are pregnant.

Speaking in Bungoma, Wambilianga stated that the young girls have been put into family way following the closure of learning institutions due to the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19.
She said that concerted efforts should be put in place to stop sexual advances from men that is ruining the lives of young girls.
“These are young girls who don’t understand the importance of sex, men should stop using their ignorance and preying on them, they are ruining their lives,” she said.

This is the highest number of teenage girls so far and men are preying on such girls based on their ignorance and the family poverty levels.
“This pandemic is causing more harm than good to the young girls, they were safe while busy in schools, now that they are idling at home, parents should up their parental roles to safeguard their daughters, they should provide what they need to stop them from seeking such from suitors roaming around,” she said.
The county legislator stated that her office was trying to sensitize the teenage girls on importance of avoiding such men who approach them with goodies for sexual favours.
“Other leaders should also unite with us and help in sensitizing young girls on how to keep off sexual issues at a tender age because it will just ruin their future lives, the pregnancy will ensure they are mothers at inappropriate time and it affect them sychologically,” she said.
The law maker added, “Let the young girls try and stay at their homes or else by the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, we may have a different generation of young mothers in the world,”.
She advised them that it was the time to avoid having male friends because they will ruin their lives yet they have nothing to lose.

“By January 2021, we may have more than 10,000 pregnant teenage girls in Bungoma county if we aren’t putting in more efforts in sensitizing them,” said Wambilianga.
She called on girl child advocacy and rights groups to come out and sensitize the girl child in the county.
The county hit the news headlines in 2014 when 20 girls were impregnated at Chepkurkur primary school in Kopsiro district, Mt Elgon Constituency.


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