The burial of a Kabuchai constituency Politician Tale Nabangi was marred with chaos as police clashed with Boda boda operators.

Several people were injured during the running battles one female police officer amongst them.
Boda Boda operators had hijacked the body and wanted to bury it disregarding the government health directives.
Police were forced to lob teargas and shot in the air to disperse the angry riders who had hijacked the body from Nalondo market.

Tale is believed to have succumbed to novel Covid-19 pandemic at Lifecre hospital in Bungoma town.
Upon reaching Khachonge market which is three kilometers from the deceased home in Bwake, police were forced to use Teargas to disperse the riders and took the body home for burial.
Unperturbed, the riders pelted the police and members of the public with stones as police engaged them with Teargas and shooting in the air.

Eventually, the deceased was buried in less than 20 minutes by Bungoma county health workers who followed all the health protocols.
Kabuchai public health officer Ken Kundu led a team of health workers in giving the late a decent burial as Boda Boda still exchanged with police officers.
Tale died at 4:30am on Wednesday after he admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for almost a week now.
Reports indicated that Nabangi had been hospitalized at Life care hospital since Tuesday July 21.

Nabangi an accountant by profession is reported to have travelled from Nairobi last week and was engaged in distribution of face masks and Sanitizers in Kabuchai Constituency.
He was later hospitalized at Khamulati dispensary in Kimilili after falling sick where he was referred to Lifecare hospital in Bungoma town where he has been in ICU since then.

Nabangi has been instrumental in helping vulnerable people in Kabuchai Constituency through building them iron sheet houses, distribution of food and sanitary items to combat Corona.
He vied for the parliamentary seat on an independent ticket but was defeated by the incumbent Mp James Mukwe Lusweti of Ford Kenya party.

Among the notable politicians who attended the burial included Bungoma woman Rep Catherine Wambilianga, gubernatorial aspirant Evans Kakai, former wonan Rep aspirant Consolata Wakwabubi, Kabuchai parliamentary Aspirant Peter Kapanga among others


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