Some members of the Bungoma county assembly want Webuye East Deputy County Commissioner Chaka Nyamawi transferred for interfering with the county development projects.

Led by Maraka ward MCA Ali Machani and his Ndivisi ward counterpart Martin Wanyonyi have called on the internal and coordination of national government cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i to transfer their new DCC.
“It’s now clear that the biggest impediment to the development agenda of our constituency is one Chaka Nyamawi, the current Webuye East DCC,” said Wanyonyi.
He added, “He has frustrated us since when we started the construction of Sinoko maternity block,  the recruitment of vijana mashinani program and now the construction of Muchi polytechnic in Maraka ward over land issue,”. 

Wanyonyi called on the government to redeploy the DCC for threatening and using chiefs to stall the county government projects.
“He is bullying Chiefs and their assistants into heeding into his orders and hence paralyzing the county government development projects, he is no longer needed here, he is a burden to us,” stated the independent MCA.
Mr.Machani noted that he will fight tooth and nail to ensure the Muchi polytechnic goes on as planned and no amount of intimidation will stop it.
“On Tuesday, the DCC ordered Chiefs and their assistants to destroy the fence surrounding Muchi polytechnic without involving elected leaders in addressing the burning issues, he erred,” reiterated Machani.
He called on Mr.Nyamawi to exhaust all possible ways in resolving the conflict before engaging his chest in doing it.

“We must sit down and agree on how to handle the issue as leaders, you can be redeployed any time but we as elected leaders are here to serve out community’s interests, therefore dialogue is the best medicine,” said Machani.
Bungoma County Education executive Betty Mayeku also attended the meeting to try and address the issue.
However, Nyamawi has stood his ground and stated that he was only following the orders from above to try and secure government properties. 


  1. So when Chaka Nyamawi is strictly carrying out his duties, they start demanding his transfer. This is uncalled for and we shall not accept some few people to mislead out region in the name of politics.


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