The latest online poll shows the tremendous growth of Dr.George Masafu support base.

The online poll conducted in the last one week showed his support base for senatorial bid having grown beating the current senator Moses Wetang’ula by a large margin.
According to the 2006 respondents who participated in an online polling, 1,234 of them polled for a fresh start with them choosing Dr.Masafu as leading the pack.
The current senator garnered 440 responses from people who stated that they will stick with him if he doesn’t vie for presidency in 2022.

Bungoma County Senatorial race in 2022 is likely to be a tough battle as new entrants are announcing their bids.

Another candidate Bonnie Wayne Nyongesa got 200 polls while the latest entrant into the race Jacob Machacha got 132 votes according to the online polls.
Others including the 2017 aspirant and a veteran journalist David Makali and an educationist Dr.Juma Mukhwana got zero.

Dr.Masafu is the current Kenyan Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo DRC) and some Bungoma residents are already considering him for the senatorial job.
The current senator Moses Wetang’ula has announced his bid to go for the seat in the house on the hill (State House) in 2022.
According to a political analyst Wanyonyi Walukho stated that Masafu is educated, shrewed, networked and has the voter’s goodwill.
“Despite other seasoned politicians showing their interests in unseating Wetang’ula, Masafu is likely to overpower them depending on his new approach that he will import from his work station,” said Walukho.

The political analyst asked Bungoma residents to try the new leaders who have the capacity to lead them and change their problems into fortunes.
“He is weighing on how he will serve his people in an electable capacity and this will only be witnessed once he is done when his current work comes to an end, he understands our problems very well,” said the analyst.

Walukho added that Masafu is not only a local investor but also an industrious person who through his networks will attract foreign investors in our county to create jobs for the jobless populace,”.
Masafu was born and raised in Kibingei village in Kimilili constituency, he is a well educated person and his CV attests it all.
A look into his Facebook page shows that Masafu is a father, a husband, a pharmacist and a media entrepreneur.


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