Kenyans will back Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi in the forth coming general election, the party Western branch leaders have said.

Addressing the Press in Bungoma, ANC County Organizing Secretary Martin Waliaula reiterated that Mudavadi is the only untainted leader and his time to rule this country is approaching very fast.

“As the ANC lobby group power house we are certain that our presidential candidate journey to state house is unstoppable, he must seat in the house on the hill,” he said.

Waliaula affirmed that with Mudavadi as the president he will revive the economy like stopping the planned selling of public millers and helping the farmers in the sugar growing areas.

He called on ANC supporters and Western region inhabitants to register as voters in large numbers to ensure that they vote for Mudavadi during the next general elections.

“Politics is about people, we need good numbers to propel Mudavadi to state house, we need enough votes that will take him there, as ANC we have planned so well and nothing will stop us,” he said.

Waliaula said that Mudavadi needs six million votes in Western region alone and this will be made possible if people register as voters in large numbers.

His sentiments were echoed by Western region ANC Chairman Mr.Patrick Miheso who averred that they have supported other candidates who have eventually dumped them after ascending to power.

“We need a president who will leave a legacy, Musalia will transform the economy and completely change the face of this country to the best level,” he said

Miheso added that Mudavadi has been the deputy president, deputy prime minister and it’s high time for him to be elected president.

“Musalia is the only presidential candidate whose name can be sold anywhere in this country, he is an institution and the real people’s choice, if he clinches the seat, Kenyans can be happy forever,” he said.

Irine Muthangya from Coast region asked Women to rally behind Mudavadi whom she described as the best leader this country needs.

“Kenyans have gone through hell, they want now to take they freedom back, they have suffered for long, Musalia if elected he will solve all of them and take Kenya to the right path in economic transformation,” she said.

David Malala asked Western leaders and voters to back Mudavadi and ensure that he clinches the presidency.

“He is the only leader who stands out among others, his characteristics are unique and appeals to all groups, he is the only presidential candidate who can transform this country,” said Malala, the father to Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala.

Bungoma County ANC party Chairman Jonathan Barasa Kane stated that they will hold many rallies to convince many voters to rally behind Mudavadi.

“ANC presidential candidate is the only best leader the country is looking forward for, is a good leader who listens to the voice of the suffering Kenyans, let’s support him,” said Kane who is eyeing the Webuye West parliamentary seat.


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